Interactor's many connectors and automation tools

Gloo's interactor is not only a great way to generate jQuery triggers and events with your Elementor editor, but it also supports various webhooks like Zapier, GTM datalayer and even a custom webhook integrator. This makes it super easy to connect anything you'd like to your WordPress website and start automating your workflow.

Zapier Connector

The Zapier ( Connector, for example, is a great way to pass data from your WordPress site directly to Zapier. With it, you can pass variables into a Zapier-Provided Webhook using the Variables Section. So for example, you could send an e-mail to the site admin upon the click of an image, or use any of the Zapier Integrations to automate your workflow.

GTM DataLayer Connector

The GTM DataLayer Connector on the other hand is a bit different.  It allows you to pass data from your WordPress site directly to GTM DataLayer. This can be useful if you're already using Google Tag Manager and want to take advantage of all the features and integrations it provides.

Custom Webhook Connector

The Custom Webhook Connector is the most flexible way to connect anything to your WordPress website. It allows you to specify any of your webhooks and send any data you want to it. This is great for connecting to 3rd party services or for creating your own custom automation workflow.

This is of course in addition to the base Interactor functions, which are that of a complete jQuery engine that doesn't require any code whatsoever or any external tool beyond your inspect feature on your browser.

All in all, Gloo's interactor provides a great way to automate your workflow and connect anything you'd like to your WordPress website. Give it a try and see how it can help you streamline your workflow.

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