Looking to Buy An Electric Commuter Bike?

In city environments, more people have turned to electric bikes for daily commuting and outdoor adventures.

If you’re thinking about jumping on the bandwagon and getting one of your own, it’s important to invest in a bike that’s optimized for your lifestyle, whether you have a short ride to the office or want to go on backroad terrains.

Electric commuter bikes often combine components of traditional bikes — focusing on style, comfort, performance and power, like some of Ridel Electric bikes models.

These rides are built for efficient travel in urban environments rather than niche usage, like an electric mountain bike is built for rugged terrain.

So, why should you choose an electric bike for your commute? An electric commuter bike is not only practical and safe, it’s intentionally designed for riders to decide their level of exercise with each ride.

Everything You Need to Know About the Benefits of E-Bike Commuting

  • Great Price Point:

    Looking to save on your daily commute? Electric bikes are a great investment. They’ll save you big in comparison to cars or public transportation since they don’t require gas or a daily fare. Like electric cars, e-bikes run on a rechargeable and removable battery, so you’ll only have to worry about maintenance or add-ons if you want to upgrade your bike over time.

  • Simplicity:

    Riding an electric bike is effortless — this is especially true for people who have to climb hills to get to and from work.
    Whether your bike relies on pedal-assist or a torque sensor, you can sit back and enjoy the added boost of power. Say goodbye to getting stuck in rush hour traffic.

  • Mental Health:

    Riding a bike to work is one of the healthiest things you can do for your mind and brain, all without working up a sweat!
    Instead of getting stuck in between passengers on the subway, enjoy fresh air and nature at the very start of the day. Arrive to work feeling awake, alert and energized, even with something as simple as a 15-30 minute commute.

  • Exercise Your Body:

    Electric bike commuters get the added bonus of physical exercise in the morning and evening.
    Unlike running, biking is a low-impact exercise so your muscles or joints won’t feel exhausted afterwards. Most importantly, because electric bikes rely on pedal-assist, you never have to worry about arriving at the office hot and sweaty.

  • Go Green:

    Electric bikes are an eco-friendly alternative to most other types of commuting, besides walking. Since electric bikes rely on batteries and human power to move them forward, they’re one of the most sustainable ways to get around.
    When comparing CO2 emissions, an electric bike emits 23x less carbon per year to cars. If they’re charged using green solar power, they are 100% environmentally friendly.

  • A High-Speed Road Bike:

    An electric city bike is extremely versatile so you can ride them for work, errands or weekend adventures.
    Some commuter bikes also come with components of a road bike, like a sturdy yet lightweight frame, higher speeds and multiple gears to provide easier handling. This is great for people who plan to use their bike for long weekend rides and outdoor adventures.

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